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Lesson Exemplar in Science and Health IV
First Grading Period
I. Objective
            A. Identify some bones that make up the skeletal system and their function
            B. Label the some bones that make up the skeletal system
            C. Tell the importance of being a strong individual

Values:  Be strong.

II. Subject-Matter
            Identifying some bones that make up the skeletal system and their function

A. Science Concept: The human skeleton has two main parts namely the axial and appendicular skeleton.
     1. Axial skeleton is made up of the bones of the head(skull), backbone(vertebrae), and ribcage (thoracic basket).
     2. Appendicular skeleton includes all bones attached to the axial skeleton such as the bones of the arm and legs, collarbones, hipbones and shoulder bones.
B. Science Processes: Identifying, Communicating, Inferring
C. References: Science Spectrum 4, pp. 2 – 4, Rebecca R. Fallaria, Nenita A. Apolinario, Jesse D. Ronquillo, PELC #1.1.., p.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzUNWeIJerg  
D. Materials: Model of the skeletal system, video clip, LCD projector
E. Strategy Used:   4 A’s Strategy

III. Procedures:
            A. Activities:
                        Singing of the action song: “My Bones” (optional)
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpvuqj5nv6U)
                        1. Game “Simon Says”.
        Simon says is a game in which you obey an order only when it begins with "Simon Says". It can  be used also in teaching what bones are used to do an action.

            a. Stand in a big circle.
            b. Choose a pupil to be the leader, aka Simon.
                                        c. Simon “then orders to do different actions, the funnier the better which must be obeyed only when the order begins with “Simon says”.
                   Example: “Simon Says” Raise your right hand, Sit Down, Walk  like   a   duck
                   d. When someone follows an order that does not begin with “Simon says”, he or she is out of the game.
             e. Repeat these instructions until the allocated time for the game is over.

                        2. Video Clip Showing       
                                    Let the learners view  the prepared video clip about the skeletal system.

            B. Analysis:            
            (Learner-learner Interaction.) Let the learners give/formulate  questions which will be answered by another learner. Then  (Teacher-Learner Interaction). These are the questions based on the activities given.
                        1.Game:         a. What are the different actions you did in your game?
b. What do you think are the bones involved in raising your   hand? sitting down? Walking?

2. Video Clip Showing:
            a. What does the skeletal system made of?
            b. How many bones does the skeletal system consist of?
                                    c. Where do human legs attached to?
                                    d. What bone houses the brain in bony box?
                                    e. What supports the other part of the body?
                                    f. Where do human arms attached to?
                                    g. Why do you think bones are important to our body?
C. Abstraction
1. Input: Discuss the bones that made up the skeletal system showing the model of a skeletal system.
             What are some bones that make up the human skeletal system?
             What is the function of each bone?
             Can a man stand, sit and lie down without one of the bones?
                                      What do you think will happen to our body if one of our bones is not present?
Value Integration: (The skeleton is the framework of the body in some ways as population is the framework of a nation.)
Why do you think that an individual that composes the nation must be strong?

2. Generalization: What bone supports you in raising your arms, nodding your head, walking, running and bending your waist?

D. Application

a.    Directions:     Identify some bones that make up the skeletal system by labelling the figure below. Write your answer on the boxes provided.

b. Directions: Read the situation below. Then answer the question that follow.

Your father is  the Secretary of the Sangguniang Panlunsod. He drives his motorcycle every morning and afternoon going to the office. What advice could you give to him in order to protect his bones and to maintain the strong framework of his body?

V. Encrichment Activity:

            Name the different kinds of joints and its function.

                                                                                                            Prepared by:

                                                                                                            ROCHELL R. CABAHUG
                                                                                                                GT/SSES 4 –Adviser
                                                                                                Oroquieta City Central Elementary School


   Education Program Supervisor
 Elementary Science



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